Our Purpose

To advance people through business, and business through people.

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HUDDL3 Group exists to identify and encourage Innovation and Teamwork in the Human Capital Ecosystem.

We believe that we are living in an exciting period in history.

The fast-evolving social, technological, economic, environmental and political landscape now provides us with a call to action in designing better ways of working together.

Our Mission

“We are striving to contribute to a human centered design for the Future of Work”

We will seek out the opportunities to break down traditional barriers to doing business and completing work, so that we can enable more innovation and teamwork from a wider cross section of society.

Our Values

Be Pioneering

We identify unmet needs and find unique solutions through thought leadership, seeking feedback, and striving for innovation opportunities in all of our interactions with companies, partners, and customers.

Be Human-Centered

We value human experience and seek to unlock individual potential so that people can do great work and continuously improve quality of life.

Share in Success 

It is important that we find success for our companies, partners, and customers – from family businesses to Fortune 100 – including the people that make each team tick.

What We Set Out To Solve


We grow familiar with your Process and identify Partners that can accelerate the achievement of your targeted results.


We map out the near term challenges and help to design the right Tools and add the right People to the team.


We gather Data and learn together, so that we can go back to the Process, Partners, Tools, and People to find improvement opportunities that will sustain future success.

How Do We Do It

Our company invests in two core business activities

Software Companies

Teamwork Reimagined Feature

Professional Services Firms

We provide additional management support and administrative services to our teams, encouraging research, development and collaboration between the organizations and those other key business partners and customers that we team up with.

If you are interested in joining us to deliver on our Core Purpose and Mission, or have a business that you feel could be a valuable addition to our group, please reach out.

Meet Our Team

Dane Groeneveld
Dane Groeneveld

Group CEO and Founding Partner

David Stein
David Stein

Founding Partner

Russell Stein
Russell Stein

Founding Partner

Josh Hobgood
Josh Hobgood

Group CFO

Dustin House
Dustin House

Operating Partner

Erik Enright

Operating Partner

David Bumby

Vice President – People & Culture

Benedict Jones

Vice President – Technology

Reza Daneshmand

FP&A Director

Ena Park

Corporate Controller

Alicia McCraw

Program Manager

Michele Wink

Executive Advisor

What our clients say

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Mark Callen

CEO | ThemeFuse 

What our clients say

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Alice Moore

Founder | Pixelkit 


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